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What If you smoke Weed / Marijuana every day…

If you smoke weed every day…

I just finished a normal t-break (2-weeks), but this one was different because I started it to catch up on schoolwork. I was somewhat depressed to realize that daily smoking reduced the amount of work I could do. Even more depressing was when I found out that smoking weed every day didn’t only limit my productive hours (I don’t work well while high) but also limited my will to do work when I wasn’t high.

Smoking every day made me forget about my lifetime priorities. It let me finish each night with a deluded sense that the day was productive. During my t-break, I caught up on my work and even got ahead. I already took one day off again and I may be done smoking every day.

When I retire someday, I intend to smoke every day and many times during the day, but now, before I’ve achieved anything, I’m going to be mindful of how weed affects me reaching my goals.

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If you think you can smoke everyday, think about your long-term goals and whether you are better or worse off being high all the time. For me the answer is in moderation, it preserves my motivation, my time, and my bank account.