Buying from Online Drug Stores, How to access the DeepWeb / DarkNet Marketplace Drug Stores, Where to buy drugs online

(Step 3) Place your Order on the Deep/Dark Web

In this final step I will show you how you can Sign up and place your First Order on the Deep/Dark web using crypto currency right now.

Upon first entering a Marketplace like CANNAZON for this example, or a more popular option like SilkRoad, you will have to sign up with a Username and a Password as Email is not required so that everything can be kept anonymous.


After filling in the form and creating an account you will also be asked to set up your (PGP KEY) that we will be used later to encrypt your Delivery Address so only You and the Vendor have access to the encrypted message.

You can find out more information on how to set up a PGP KEY at iGolder, iGolder provides a free online service to Encrypt or Decrypt PGP messages.

And you can learn more about PGP Encryption at this website if you like as I have not fully covered it here.

Placing Your Order

After Logging in and setting up your Private PGP Key you should be greeted with a page of featured listings and a category from which you can choose.

after selecting a listing and the appropriate Shipping Option(these will differ between vendors)can now click add to cart, once done you can then proceed to enter your shopping cart.

In your Cart you will be asked to choose the desired shipping option again and the payment method you want to use which in our case is Bitcoin or also known as BTC which we will cover in the next few step.

After doing that you can now Continue by clicking Proceed to Checkout...

Once you are at Checkout you will then be asked to enter your Shipping Address and encrypt it using your PGP key that you created earlier.

or alternatively you can also select PGP auto Encryption which uses the vendors PGP key instead of yours.

You may also decrypt these messages at iGolder using the Vendors Public PGP Key that you can find on their profile page.

After encrypting and entering your delivery address you can then proceed to the the next step.

If you have followed the guide and made it this far then Congratulations as at this point your order has been placed and all you got to do now is pay for it using bitcoin.

You can learn how to below.


Buying/Sending Bitcoin

To Pay for the item you have selected and Complete your Order you will have to Buy some Bitcoin.

to do so you will need to Create a Wallet for you Crypto Currency which can be done using BitGo. on Windows Machines or alternatively one of these Apps



Airbitz ,


or Bither for your mobile device.

You may want to find the top rated app by following the link bellow

For the purpose of this guide I am using BitGo, which is a Top rated free online crypto currency wallet that lets you transfer Bitcoin easily.

After creating and setting up your bitcoin wallet, you should now have a bitcoin wallet Address that you can use to send and receive bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin can be frustrating, but not for you as below you can find a list of the top rated platforms selling bitcoin at the best price online.

Some of these include the likes of




and Wirex Card which are some of the leading platforms with many different alternatives to choose from.

So you may want to check these out for yourself Over here.

Most of these platforms have been reviewed already so if you would like to check these out, you can find them on YouTube by simply searching for the "Platform Name" following review and find one easily.

Just like the one below which is for the WireXApp that has a positive rating and plenty of good feedback.

You can be purchase bitcoin in many ways using bank transfer, credit/debit card or PayPal on the WireX App or the alternatives with different fees varying on the platform you have chosen to use

With the bank transfer being the most economical option with the lowest commission fees but taking up to 3 days to complete at times

As with debit/credit card payments the coins are delivered to you instantly but with a high 5% total fee.

When you are purchasing your coins you will be asked to provide a bitcoin wallet address that you want your coins to be sent to. In this example I have used the BitGo digital wallet which is a good option that I have used myself and do recommend.

Alternatively you can look through this website where you can find a list of the best bitcoin wallets.

Top 10 Rated Bitcoin Wallets Online

Now that you have purchased your coins and have them in your wallet you can return to the Order Page and Complete it by sending your coins to the escrow account that can be found on the order page like the image above

Once you have sent the coins it should update shortly once the coins are confirmed(usually within 30 minutes or so) and change the status to "MARKED AS PAYED".

Congrats that's you with your first order placed and all you need to do now is wait for the Vendor to accept it and ship it.

You will be notified on your account dashboard once they do (Usually Within One Day Depending on the Vendor).

Who will ONLY receive your coins AFTER you finalize the Order as it is held in an Escrow account, by Marking it down as received or if the order auto finalizes once the estimated delivery time is up.

Thank you for reading my guide, I appreciate it and hope you found it useful as I tried to cover all the information needed to put it in your first order on the Deep Web in minutes.

If you have anything you would like me to add please make sure to contact me through the contact me page 🙂