Buying from Online Drug Stores, How to access the DeepWeb / DarkNet Marketplace Drug Stores, Where to buy drugs online

(Step 2) Choose a Marketplace for the Deep/Dark Web


So you have Downloaded Tor and are now ready to continue with step 2 of this guide, getting the links to the Deep/Dark Web Marketplace that you wish to use.

Sometimes this can be difficult as they change Regularly for Safety purpose

But I made it easy for you and provided the links to these 2 websites that you can use FOR FREE.



At these websites you can find the links to the top tiered Marketplaces on the Deep/Dark Web and their current live status.

Click the Links or type or in-to the search bar in Tor Browser and Access the site, here you can find the .onion link to the Deep/Dark web marketplace you wish to use

Now that you have access to the market place you are ready to Create an Account and Place your first Order in step 3.