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(Step 1) Download Tor Browser

This is a special browser that you require installed on Your Windows Pc or a Mobile Device if you wish to access the Deep/Dark Web.

You can set it up on your Windows Pc or Mobile device following the steps below.

I Also recomend getting a VPN to cover yourself fully.

You may be asking why not use a normal browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox ??

Well you see the thing is that you can't access the .Onion links to the Deep/Dark Web on normal browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox.


You can find the links for Tor Browser by simply clicking here or by clicking the image bellow to download and set Tor up on your windows machine.


If you are looking to access the Deep Web on your mobile device you can do so on your iPhone or Android by downloading the app relevant to your device.

You can find links for your device below


Click the image bellow or the link to the Google Playstore or download Orbot App to access the deep web on your android device safely and easily.


For the iPhone alternatively you can download the Onion Browser if you own a iPhone from the AppStore or by clicking on the image bellow.


As you cant access the deep web with a standard browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

This also keeps you Safe and Anonymous on the deep web by spoofing your location to a different country while changing your ip address.

When Tor is set up you can then move on to Step 2 and find the link for a Marketplace that you wish to use.